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Bane in the Ass Cream

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Schemes from the job creators. Maximum explotation, 1% solution, 0% accountability, 99% exploitation.

The 99% Need a Raise

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Wages are Unbalanced

Occupy the Streets

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Woman walking over New York "Occupy the Streets"

Occupy my diaper

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Baby with sign "Something is about to OCCUPY my diaper"

The Top 1%ers

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Graph of the wealth distribution in the Senate and Congress
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Noam Noam Noam

If Rand Paul Were President LOL....

Socialism is for Hippies, Capitalism is for REAL Americans

Rebuild Our Antique Infrastructure

Lot of Guns = Lots of Gun Deaths

Contraception is gonna get you pregnant?!

Honk if you love Jesus

Minimum Wage for Congress

There is no government... only corporations

Global warming killed frosty

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