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I am not Glenn Beck

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I think therefore I am not Glenn Beck

What the F happened?

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From Lincoln to Beck.. What happened to republicans?

Jon Stewart on Comedy & Politics

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Photo of Jon Stewart "While the New York Times Whinged about us blurring the lines between comedy and politics, Glenn Beck has been calling Obama the anti-Christ for two years"

Glenn Beck Moron

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Photo of Glenn Beck "Moron"

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Another rich Republican, just what we need

The Defense Problem

Drone Strikes Kill Children

Honk if my taxes support your whiny teagabbing ass

No Business Succeeds on It's Own

Marriage Is Not Holy Matrimony

Glad she doesn't have to move into a smaller house

Education is the Most Powerful Weapon

Hey Teabaggers... Payback is a bitch.

Baboons are Called a Congress

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