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My Charm!

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Being a Liberal Pain in the Ass is Part of My Charm!

Invasion of the Liberal Women

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Old Movie Poster: Invasion of the Liberal Women

Why Do They Blame Liberals

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If They Believe in Personal Responsibility Why Do They Play the Blame Game

Don't Kill or Don't Save?

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The Main Difference Between Liberals: Object to their tax dollars being used to kill people vs. Conservatives: Object to their tax dollars being used to save people.
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Teach your children to question EVERTHING!

You Think Healthy Food is Expensive?

Think Education is Expensive? Try Ignorance!

Republican Balloons and Ribbons

Bling Bling Ron Paul Earrings

Bees are Ensurance

Romney Praised Israeli Healthcare

I am not Glenn Beck

Vets are 47% of America

Republicanism - Born of Privilege

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